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Helicopter update in PUBG - Unbox Knowledge

Pubg Mobile has released a new update with Helicopter, different weapons like grenade launchers in the beta version launched in China.

The player can fly in air through helicopter. One helipad is in top of school in erangle. Grenade launchers weapon to destroy helicopter and much more. The flying on skies would not be so easy as there are bunch of weapons loaded to destroy the helicopter

Players can mark a position on map and can call for airstrike on marked location. Red zone.

There is no official information from PUBG on global launch of this update. Stay tuned for more updates. Please comment to share for info on this.

Playing PUBG EvoGround TDM: Warehouse - Unbox Knowledge

Apart from most famous option
CLASSIC - Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and
ARCADE - Sniper Training, War, Quick Match, Mini-Zone,  PUBG has third option
EVOGROUND divided into two parts Team Deathmatch and Zombie Mode.

Team Deathmatch has one part
- TDM: Warehouse: In this game, two teams RED and BLUE each of 4 members play against each other in a small warehouse type place. The player respawn unlimited times. The team who scores 40 first or has the highest score if time ends before 40. But generally score 40 happens quit fast as place is very small. Unlimited weapons are given to the players. This is similar to counter strike map game. RED team has one area and BLUE team has the opposite one. Every respawn happens in there respective area. You get small fraction of second i.e 5s on your respawn known as invisible period, where bullet cannot lessen your life. This is because, the opponent team player may sit in your area and kill you as soon as you respawn. Life automatically increase,…

Best Online Bus Booking Offer Providing Site in India

In Indian market, there are numerous site providing online bus ticket booking. Starting with popular names redBus, Paytm, MakeMyTrip, Abhibus, Railyatri, Yatra, Goibibo, etc.

Our favourite ones with redBus at first number and Paytm at second number. What makes redBus at first position, is the true valuable discount they provide even after so many years of launch having a strong hand on Indian travel business.

One or the other month, it comes with new offers. It's offers make strong impact with its third party payment gateway offer. As an example on current that i.e 20 Aug 2019, the code 'SPIRIT' will give you around 10% discount and if your traveling is much the, you can go with 'FREEDOM' code, it provides 15% cashback that can be used in next bus booking or any mobile recharge or hotel booking. But this cashback comes with a drawback that you can use only some percent of that wallet amount. So now coming back to our topic, once any of these site offer is applied,…