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Music has some power

Music is life. Music can changes one mind, one mood, can fill positive energy. Listening energetic song while doing work increases the speed, interest, a kind of new energy gets in the body. World cannot be imagine without music. A soulful music helps to make our angriness away. Its helps to stay out of world.

Listening to hip hop songs, our body automatically gets energy to dance. Imagine how first music was created by someone. What was thinking beyond it.

Whenever you are frustrated with your work. Just listen to some music, your mind will automatically diverted to something else. Some music has connection with some moments. For example if you heard some song most of time in your college time. Now when your working, listen to that song you will be automatically be redirected to that moments of college

Music has great role in our life. If place you live seems to be no more than just a piece of shit where everyone is just running in the same direction without knowing where their destination is, just wear the earphones and move out to a lonely place and look the way of thinking changes and world becomes a place to live. Whenever your are at office and your boss is unfair to you or the office politics is eating you, then do the thinking or giving shit to them, just enter into the world of music and you will feel like we are humans, we are here for just few years and have to go. So you thoughts against a person, city or office changes and suddenly all things try to move your ways. Recommended that a loud speakers are more effective than headphones. Because headphones make you frustrate if listened for longer time, so use speakers if possible. But as you know different people, different choices, more personal resources available, headphones would be last and perfect option with you. Don't just go with what we say.  Give it try and let us know in your comments, the experience you have.

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