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Best Alternate Mobile Game for Counter Strike : Mini Militia

Mini Militia is an action game just like Counter Strike trending in both mobile platforms IOS and Android. This game providers you to play solo with bots, a LAN setup play, online quick play with world or create your own servers and play with friends staying in any corner of the world. Its contains different maps, weapons, grenades, booster to fly etc. Features of playing in team by creating various color teams. Maps are of various types from Outpost, Cata Comb to Snow Blind etc. Weapons are from AK47, Maverick, machine gun etc. Grenades are like bombs, gas bombs and mines can be setup. 

Its providers the features for quick play which automatically connects with any server and you can play. Otherwise you can go to custom server menu, find a server and start playing or connect any of yours friends hosted game. You can also create a game in any of server and ask your friends to join. You can keep passwords to restrict others users to join. Game comes with time limit, where a opposite player can be killed n number of times and based on killing count, the winner is decided. It can be on individual basis or team basis. Once a player a killed, rebirth of player is done called re spawning in two three seconds. You can also vote for maps to be played.

Noobie is the default name given to your default character or player. You can try various characters. Change its dress, hair styles, face look, color etc. n number of modifications can be done to character. Number of victories you achieve decide your skills or badge is assigned to you. Badge comes with extra power to you. Here comes the "hacker" concept in this game. They modified the game in such a way that they get infinite life, can pass through walls etc. like cheat codes in PC games. These can be performed on Android platform only. But according to us, don't go to such stuffs. Just play the normal game and many peoples host game with name "No hackers please". You can join them or as if you are host and finds anyone unusual player, you can boot him/her out of the game. You can also leave the game at any time but that degrades your skills/badges and you have to see ads.

Another concept is of PRO PACKS. In normal mode, you can use certain limited weapons only. So you have you to get Pro Packs for using that weapons. No worries if you plan in LAN. This is just required if you play Online. But there is also option by seeing ads, you can ads, pro pack time can be added. Controls are very easy to use. Zoom in, Zoom out can be done to see the map. Zoom in, Zoom out depends upon the weapon you have taken. You can carry upto two weapons and 4 grenades with you. The best weapon we liked is "cutter". There are many hidden trips and tricks you can find on internet (Not hacks), officially provided by Game provider. One of them is Short messages like while chatting with others player, you can type "LG", so it will loudly shouts "Lets Go!". 

Few screen shots of Game Play from our mobile .This game is offered by Appsomniacs LLC. Great game created by them. This can be downloaded from both phone stores. Android : IOS :

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