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Xiaomi Launched the best budget phone Redmi 5A at Price of 4999 only

Xiaomi is best known for making budget phone than any other Smartphone companies. Latest phone launched by Xiaomi is Redmi 5A at a price of 4999/- only. Before this, Xiaomi launched Redmi 4A this March which was starting at price of 5999/- only. So Redmi 5A has almost all things which an Android Smartphone User requires.
Now talking about the features of Redmi 5A, it comes in two variant 2GB+16B at 4999/- and 3GB+32GB at 5999/-, 5MP Front Camera and 13MP Rear Camera, 3000 mAh Battery, 1.4GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 425 processor, 5 inch HD display, Other Unique features that make Redmi 5A other than budget phones of Redmi are Dual SIM + dedicated microSD slot (i.e you can use two sims and a micro sd card at a time. This feature is not available in any Redmi phones), MIUI9 - Redmi 5A is preloaded with latest operating system by Xiaomi which means Anrdroid version would be nougat (above 7.0), Color Variant: Gold, Rose Gold, Grey, With 4G Volte Service (Jio Sim will run smoothly without need…

Redbus launches prepaid mobile recharge

Now you will be able to recharge your mobile phones through Redbus App. Redbus was currently providing bus, hotel bookings. But it has now step into the market of prepaid mobile recharges. So the cashback you get by booking on Redbus wallet can be used now for recharge of your prepaid mobile operators. This feature is currently available on mobile apps only. Recharge is available for most of all operators: Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Reliance CDMA, Reliance GSM, Videocon, Uninor, MTS, BSNL, MTNL Mumbai, MTNL Delhi, T24, Jio.
Available on states: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, North East, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, UP East, UP West, West Bengal. Currently no offers have been declared by Redbus on mobile recharge. But there will soon great offers on mobile recharge as they provide great offers on bus and hotel b…

Music has some power

Music is life. Music can changes one mind, one mood, can fill positive energy. Listening energetic song while doing work increases the speed, interest, a kind of new energy gets in the body. World cannot be imagine without music. A soulful music helps to make our angriness away. Its helps to stay out of world.

Listening to hip hop songs, our body automatically gets energy to dance. Imagine how first music was created by someone. What was thinking beyond it.

Whenever you are frustrated with your work. Just listen to some music, your mind will automatically diverted to something else. Some music has connection with some moments. For example if you heard some song most of time in your college time. Now when your working, listen to that song you will be automatically be redirected to that moments of college

Music has great role in our life. If place you live seems to be no more than just a piece of shit where everyone is just running in the same direction without knowing where their dest…

Which is the best framework for php user

Currently there are many technologies to work and is growing day by day. In such a competitive, digital growing technology, we have a new technology or a new version of current technology. If you stop, you will be left behind. We are currently talking the open source language "PHP". The best example is Now PHP is an open source, so development can be done in different ways. Here comes the concept of frameworks, a source of already built code to ease the process of development. A developer can use inbuilt function instead of coding from scratch. So PHP has many frameworks built. One of them currently in market is Laravel.
So lets talk about the features which make Laravel to be the best framework of PHP.
MVC Structure It follows Model View Controller Structure which all are developers love to develop.
In built Authentication A developer has not to need to code for the user authentication module. It is already been built.
Security Laravel supports many types of …

how to make rest api in laravel

In this world of coding, the data is the most important part and more important than the transfer of data and its extracting useful information from it. APIs are built so that your backend logic can be easily integrated with any system and can be given to anyone without giving business logic. There different platforms like website, different mobile platforms but basically all are doing the same thing but in different logic. So lets take an example if you have list of candidates in your database and different platforms have to show these data's, so you would give a url and some credentials and ask them to request to this url and you will get data. So this is basic introduction to API.

So now API are also built in many languages. Here we will take talk about APIs in php language and with help of php framework Laravel. You can go through the detail of introduction of laravel in our previous post

and …

how to install laravel 5.0 in ubuntu

This post is about how to install laravel 5.0 in ubuntu. The very first step would be to get Composer -  Dependency Manager for PHP. You can get details how to install composer through its official website . For ubuntu users, you can install by running following command in your terminal

php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"
php -r "if (hash_file('SHA384', 'composer-setup.php') === '544e09ee996cdf60ece3804abc52599c22b1f40f4323403c44d44fdfdd586475ca9813a858088ffbc1f233e9b180f061') { echo 'Installer verified'; } else { echo 'Installer corrupt'; unlink('composer-setup.php'); } echo PHP_EOL;"
php composer-setup.php
php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');"

Once you are done, just run command "composer" to check if installation has been done successfully.

Then you can run the following command to globally install laravel


Best Alternate Mobile Game for Counter Strike : Mini Militia

Mini Militia is an action game just like Counter Strike trending in both mobile platforms IOS and Android. This game providers you to play solo with bots, a LAN setup play, online quick play with world or create your own servers and play with friends staying in any corner of the world. Its contains different maps, weapons, grenades, booster to fly etc. Features of playing in team by creating various color teams. Maps are of various types from Outpost, Cata Comb to Snow Blind etc. Weapons are from AK47, Maverick, machine gun etc. Grenades are like bombs, gas bombs and mines can be setup. 
Its providers the features for quick play which automatically connects with any server and you can play. Otherwise you can go to custom server menu, find a server and start playing or connect any of yours friends hosted game. You can also create a game in any of server and ask your friends to join. You can keep passwords to restrict others users to join. Game comes with time limit, where a opposite pl…

How to get a Google Plus Custom URL?

Hello everyone, this topic is regarding how to get a custom URL for your Google+ Profile like . It’s not easy as to get a Facebook URL or a twitter URL .  But a task that has to be done with proper guidance.
So let’s start, you have Google+ Plus account as soon as you create Gmail account. When you visit your Google+ Profile, it might show URL as . So the second step would be to set an image to Profile.  Note that your account must be 30 days old (but its okay you can try).  
Now get your 10 friends to follow your page. As soon as you will get 10 followers, just visit profile section of Google+ page. A black strip of message will be shown that saying that you can claim a custom URL and button of Claim URL. Note this message black strip note will appear only after you get 10 followers.

So click on the claim URL, you will get windo…

Mi or Oppo or Vivo

Current Indian mobile market is held by these Chinese Mobile Companies. In advertisements, no one can beat Oppo and Vivo. They are investing more in advertisement. One or other advertisement on Television will be of Oppo or Vivo. But MI has not invested at advertisement. Indian actor/actress involved in Oppo Ads where Hritik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and many more. And Vivo has Ranveer Singh. Even Indian Cricket Team jersey has the name Oppo. Currently visit any place in India, you will find a common thing that’s stores are coloured with Green and Blue. A huge competitor Vivo and Oppo will have their hoardings, board nearby each other. But one thing is common, both these company comes under one parent company BBK Electronics.

Now speaking about MI. They have concept of flash sale. They have created such a craze that it will make you eager to buy redmi phones through online sales. MI was selling phones exclusively through online website. So they saved money by not having MI…

Blogger or WordPress? Which one is best?

Whenever it’s come to blogging, everyone comes to question. Should I use Blogger or WordPress. Which one is most effective? Now let us compare both. Blogger is easy to use, structured way formatted platform provided by Internet King Google while WordPress is an open source platform. Both are free Blogger and WordPress (only but not Blogger panel  providers a systematic structure for the post, page, analytics, comments and many more in a single column but WordPress is a little bit complicated to find the stuffs you want. Blogger has certain limitation of theme but cool enough for making a great blog while the WordPress has certain amount of themes, plugins by which you can create a very professional blog.
   Talking about the URL structure, Blogger provides a structure like while WordPress providers Here Blogger has a very good looking URL. It shows something like its related to some blog while “wordpress” word is…

Can you imagine world without the concepts of Advertisement

Its seems that world would have never exists if ads were not there. Online small business would never exist if ads were not there. Free knowledge sharing sites would never exist. Anything existing free over internet would never exist. Not only online hoardings on street, poster banner on public transport vehicles would not be so profitable. Cricket teams Jersey would be plain as shirt. Online ads are considered as an enemy. Everyone hates ads in website. And there's nothing can be said by click event redirecting here and there. But it's what made them stand at their place and provide content to you. So, you understand the feelings of a website owner. Even they might also not want user get frustrated due to ads. But it's how the economy runs. 
People use ad blockers to block the ads but nowadays website owners have started a trick that they can knew that you are using adblockers. So, as soon you open page, they will not show content until you allow ads on that website.  

How a travel channel changes your mind

People get stuck in day to day life between the personal life and professional life. They make their world bound between the boundaries. Some are rich, they can afford to travel to new places but some who are in debt of money or corporate life not so good to make such activities happen, they always go on become more and more negative and think it's just the end of the world.
So, for just kind of people watching travel channel can be great experience. One of our best choice of travel channel is "travelxp". They are many shows where they show different parts of the world, their different cultures, varieties of food. By seeing, one gets an ultimate experience of so nice world is. Today people living in cities are getting more and more frustrated. Because what does a major city have? a never ending traffic, some few time visiting malls, pollution, people running behind public transport, people always having problem with other people, tall buildings, noise everywhere. Keeping …

Unbox The Knowledge of Interesting Facts

Did you know? How the founder of any company got idea about the name of company? What was their first thought? Did they thought one day their name will reach to each and every corner of world? Lets start with few famous companies......... Wikipedia Wikipedia name was found very interestingly. The first developer was told by an airport employee at Hawaii to take as bus shuttle name "Wiki-Wiki". "Wiki" means quick in Hawaiian and "Wiki Wiki" means very quick. So first wiki was developed as "WikiWikiWeb". And then after certain iteration and business changes we have name "Wikipedia".
Amazon Amazon was first known as as in “abra cadabra.” Then the owner started looking in dictionary and found a word "Amazon" : earth’s largest river.
Facebook The American universities name the photographs of individuals as face book. So the name "Facebook" aroused.
Twitter The name "Twitter" came from word "twitch&…